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Our mission is to preserve, promote, and enhance Charles Town's historic downtown heart, focusing on its physical, social, cultural, and economic vitality. Since embarking on our journey in 2009 to achieve the Main Street designation, we have experienced unwavering support from our dedicated volunteers, the city, and the broader community, ultimately attaining this prestigious status in 2018. We envision Charles Town as an inclusive beacon of history, boasting a thriving downtown, a sustainable commercial hub, and unmatched livability for all.


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Our Vision

Charles Town is an inclusive community renowned for its historic character, vibrant downtown center, sustainable commercial core, and outstanding livability.


Our Mission

To preserve, promote and enhance the physical, social, cultural and economic vitality of Charles Town's historic downtown center with an unwavering commitment to its growth and sustainability.

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Our Journey

In 2009, Charles Town Now started the journey to obtain the Main Street designation. It is through our volunteers, city support, and community that we were able to obtain this status in 2018.

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  • Arnold & Bailey

  • United Bank

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The 1786
at WV Fest 2024
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Blooms and Blossoms 
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Opening Businesses and Building Communities

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